Stacey Van Dahm, PhD

Stacey Van Dahm, PhD, Comparative Literature
Assistant Professor of Literature and Writing
College of Science, Health, and Liberal Arts
Philadelphia University

Dissertation Title

Nationalism and Narratives of Subjectivity in the Cold War Imaginary

Fields of Study

Nationalism; Cold War; Russian, Latin American, and U.S. literature; Cultural Studies; American Studies; Exile/Immigration; Cosmopolitanism

How do we come to understand ourselves as national subjects?

To answer this question I study the ways ethnic and immigrant literature responds to cultural and national narratives about what it means to be a national subject. My work focuses on Cuban exile and ethnic literature written in the U.S. during the Cold War period to understand the ways Cold War nationalist discourses construct the ethnic, sexual, gender, and class identity of national subjects. It models a transnational perspective for understanding belonging and nation.